About us

The University of Colorado Blockchain Alliance (UCBA) is a member-driven, interdisciplinary center for the creative design and invention of blockchain solutions. Members are from academic institutions, research institutions, industry-leading companies, and government organizations that utilize blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. 

Alliance members share a common mission of driving the adoption of emerging blockchain technologies forward. We accomplish this by: 
- Researching and developing industry standards 
- Educating members and others on blockchain technologies, solutions, and applications 
- Encouraging the use and adoption of new solutions
- Training future developers, inventors, and leaders of the blockchain ecosystem

To align global academic, research, and industry stakeholders in the application, design, security, privacy, productivity, interoperability, and adoption of blockchain technologies. 

To provide a world-class resource for education, research, and engagement on:
- The understanding of blockchain technology, its application, and governance
- The evaluation and advancement of the technology

The University of Colorado Blockchain Alliance has brought together some of the brightest minds in the blockchain ecosystem to help with:
- Interdisciplinary Research
- Education
- Community Engagement

At the University of Colorado and our member organizations, we draw on knowledge and expertise across a wide range of areas:
- Mathematics
- Economics
- Psychology
- Computer Science
- Statistics
- Law
- Energy

The establishment of the University of Colorado Blockchain Alliance is a critical step in the growth and advancement of the blockchain industry. For the ecosystem to continue to grow and develop, it is critical to advance the research, education, and workforce training of blockchain technologies and their applications.